Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top 10 #smem technologies .... at number 3: the IPhone/Ipad (and Android) powerhouse

Nothing has had a more significant role in putting the power of social convergence into the hands of ordinary folks and emergency managers alike, than the IPhone (followed by the IPad and Android over time). Because of the Iphone, smart and superphones are now nearly ubiquitous. That has helped turned millions of people into additional sources of data for emergency and crisis managers. 

This phenomenon has a particular impact on crisis communications: 

As my good friend Gerald Baron explains in the video above, a whole new flow (flood ? ) of data is available to emergency managers, crisis communicators and business continuity specialists when "it" hits the fan. 

How to Use Your Smartphone As an Essential Part of Your Disaster Kit
In my opinion, emergency managers have to embrace social convergence and the prevalent use of mobile devices by the people they serve. It's actually happening. Here are a few examples: 

Are mobile devices perfect? No. Does the use of mobile devices turn us into blind automatons? Maybe ... Is reliance on mobile networks a risk in large-scale disasters? It could be ... but solutions are being put together

Risks and possible obstacles should not impede the adoption of mobile tech and social convergence as a whole by the EM community. There are just too many positives to ignore!

A critical selling point is the resilience-building aspect of the use of social media and mobile technologies. That fact alone warrants putting the Iphone/Ipad and Android devices at the number 3 spot in my list of top 10 #smem technologies.

The series so far: 

#3: the IPhone/IPad (and Android too ! ) (January 2)
#4: GPS (December 30)
#5: the crisis mapping platform (Dec. 27)
#6: Skype and Google Hangout (Dec. 17)
#7: Facebook (Dec. 12)
#8: SMS (Dec. 8)
#9: the mobile app (Dec. 5)
#10: Youtube (Dec. 3)

Series introduction (Nov. 29)

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