Saturday, February 20, 2010

You're sorry Tiger?

Like many, I watched the "wounded tiger" show ...

Unlike most people, it left me totally unmoved. Too well scripted, too well coached ... Where was the humanity? Where was the sincerity?

Brings forward a big dilemma for those who deal with crisis management/communications and/or reputation management. Where do you find the line between heartfelt sentiment and the well-oiled PR machine?

Tiger's performance to me was way into the robot-like, well-prepared side of things. It's one think to look straight at the camera and say: I'm sorry. It's another to do it and look like an automaton.

I could almost see the notes in his speech saying: LOOK INTO CAMERA HERE ... LOOK AT AUDIENCE HERE ...

Too slick ... Tiger was in a no-win situation and didn't manage to pull a miracle ... This little exercise came way too late ...

And it gave the feeling that emotions had less to do with it than pleasing sponsors and the money people.

What do you think?

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