Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today's entry in our project: components of the crisis comms planning process

Hello everyone! Our project on PTSC-Online is progressing nicely. Barry and I are now moving in the "meaty" part and today's entry deals with the key components of a sound crisis communications planning process.

Here's a brief overview: 
In this section we introduce the main components of a crisis communications plan as we see them or the FOUR Ps as we call them. They are:
  • Policies (and procedures)
  • People
  • Preparations
  • Practice
We also deal with the growing need to inject a fifth P into the equation. A “P” for platform as in social media platforms. As indicated throughout this project, we strongly believe that social media and mobile technologies have forever changed the nature of crisis communications planning, the provision of emergency information and, more importantly, the expectations of our audiences.

For more see our section on the PTSC-Online website at:

I hope to hear from you!

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