Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 smem destinations that matter ... let's get started

I introduced this series in a recent post. What would a top 25 destinations/sources of info on SMEM look like? Certainly, from a comms/PIO point of view ... This series is NOT a popularity contest but rather a list of people and their online efforts that matter to me and who provide some inspiration ... so let's started ...

At #25: Hal Grieb ... from Plano, TX ... a true pioneer of social media in EM and for responders. Whether on Twitter (@hal_grieb) or on Google+ , Hal's opinions carry some weight. He's included in Connie White's recent book  and put the City of Plano on the SMEM map.

His efforts were recognized with a "the Statesman Texas Social Media Award"

For all those reasons and his long-standing profile on #smem ... Hal holds the 25th spot on my list.


  1. What a great way to start! Hal is an early hero of mine in SMEM. Great choice and bravo!

  2. who isn't a fan of Hal G.? a great professional to know.