Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hearing from a true innovator ... is inspiring

I had the opportunity this morning (thanks to @lance_valcour) to attend a meeting organized by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. The conference is about the use of technology to maximize effectiveness in an era of tight fiscal constraints. You can follow it via the #cacpict hashtag.

One of the key presenters, literally blew the minds of social media leaders in their own right (@t_burrows and @deputysloly) ... and mine as well.  Chief Inspector Elle de Jonge of the Netherlands National Police really showed how innovation, using the crowd and social media can make communities safer.

Here's a video that explains one of the project he's working on:
As the video explains ... it makes citizens fully participate in public safety and security. Under Chief Inpsector De Jonge's leadership, they have been able to develop a system to "grade" volunteers and how to assess their status as "trusted agents" ...

The implication for emergency management are obvious. From damage assessment to helping allocate response and recovery resources, this kind of system is becoming invaluable.

In short, where all resources are diminishing (staff, money) ... one resource is growing and that's the public's appetite to take part and get involved. So when projects come along what fully harness the intelligence of, and from, the crowd, they are to be celebrated.

I'm sure we can replicate such a tool for emergency management purposes. 

Well done ! Chief Inspector!

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