Saturday, May 12, 2012

Working with great people

I"m lucky that I get to work with great people in, day out ... Frankly, it's one of the things that keeps me motivated to stay a civil servant and have the conviction that I'm contributing to make a difference.

Two projects have recently been completed by my colleagues and involve the prototypical use of social media as emergency preparedness and promotional tools. In this particular case, we're talking out doing things a bit different than the usual governmental stuff to make a good connection with audiences on Youtube.

I'll let you be the judge but I believe the two videos hit the mark ... The first one was produced in partnership with the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police to help highlight Police Week 2012. It's about the commitment of police officers to their community.

A very good video whose inspiration came from the "it gets better!" video done by officers of the SFPD.

The second video was inspired by the "Common Craft" style of telling stories simply and in a very visual fashion. It was produced for Emergency Preparedness Week 2012 which concluded today.  Again, very strong work by some of my colleagues to make this happen:

These two projects are a good illustration of the contribution of civil servants to community preparedness and to recognizing the work of those who keep us safe. Good job!

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