Monday, June 18, 2012

A few quick lines on Twitter followers

One thing that really annoys me on Twitter is organizations that send you tweets for a product they're launching or promoting and asking YOU to help promote WITHOUT giving you access to the actual service so you can form your own opinion.

That's nothing more than spam and totally a waste of my time. You want me to recommend products, give me access and IF it's good ...I'll give my OK and my opinion ...

This goes along with my own personal Twitter "follow" rules: 

  • I don't automatically follow back people who follow me on Twitter
  • I will follow you back if you provide good content, stimulate discussions and/or retweet info I may not be aware of ...
  • I will follow if I see value in what you're saying ... don't promote inane products, religion or political beliefs
  • I'll follow organizations but I prefer to interact with people ... a good perso twitter profile rocks ! and you can still represent an organization 
  • I'll follow even if you disagree with me on most topics ...IF you provide good rationale behind your thoughts 
  • I won't follow you if you're a Leafs fan ! (just kidding ... well, kind of ...) 

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