Thursday, February 24, 2011

How fast digital volunteers mobilize

A coalition of groups: Ushadidi, CrisisCommons, CrisisMappers, Humanity Road. EPIC/TtT and others ... having been in on the first few hours ... that response was impressive and needed as info was sometimes slow from official channels ...

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How the site came about to help with the Christchurch earthquake

Johnny Diggz from Geeks without Bounds coined it the Crisis Voltron. Within an hour after the earthquake in New Zealand, was launched, (collaboration tool), a blog post circulated, multiple tweets sent and a skype group chat formed. We connected volunteers from New Zealand, United States, Canada and around the world including people from various volunteer technical communities: CrisisCommons, Sahana Foundation, CrisisMappers, Standby Task Force, Ushahidi, Geeks without Bounds, Humanity Road, Tweak the Tweet and others. The Google Crisis Response team contacted us after seeing a note on the CrisisMappers mailing list.


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