Monday, February 21, 2011


A great collaboration: CrisisCamp Toronto

We had a great learning experience yesterday (Sat. Feb. 19) in Toronto. Crisis mapping experts, IT developers, social media practitioners and emergency managers got together to exchange ideas and view and look at opportunities to make CrisisCommons, a group of dedicated "digital volunteers", a valuable tool for emergencies, here in this province, and across the world.

I learned a great deal about the value of crisis mapping. It's a perfect illustration of the value that two-way social media conversations can improve situational awareness for emergency managers.

Here are couple of pix:

A highlight of the day, was the skype chat we had with a key developer of the USHADIDI crisis mapping technology who's currently helping in Haiti.

One things come out of this very clearly. Contrary to what many people believe, those who are immersed in the online world, so-called IT geeks, are more likely to become engaged and volunteer.

CrisisCommons Toronto and all the other chapters of that organizations are a fantastic resource that should top of mind of emergency managers worldwide.

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