Thursday, February 24, 2011

The power of volunteers, digital or otherwise

Digital divide? Not when it comes to helping in times of crisis. We are share the same programming: we want to help.

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CrisisCamp NZ is progressing well. is expanding its role. The site is now providing the following services:

People Finder

Google is now promoting the official URL for its people finder to be The tool is a public database, where people enter either names of persons they are looking for, or if they have information about someone.

Responding to calls for help

The public can submit a request to That will activate a response from University of Canterbury organised VSA – Volunteer Student Army. The VSA has 8,000 registered members that are able to provide assistance with tasks such as clearing silt, bricks and so forth. Additionally, we also scan Twitter for the hashtag #helpme and the public can free SMS 5627 to access this service.


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