Friday, March 18, 2011

Cultural or corporate bias against truth

About time some official admit the painful truth. Does not come early enough to remove doubts in the minds of millions.

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Nuclear plant chief weeps as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough to kill people

“The boss of the company behind the devastated Japanese nuclear reactor today broke down in tears – as his country finally acknowledged the radiation spewing from the over-heating reactors and fuel rods was enough to kill some citizens

Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency admitted that the disaster was a level 5, which is classified as a crisis causing ‘several radiation deaths’ by the UN International Atomic Energy.

Officials said the rating was raised after they realised the full extent of the radiation leaking from the plant. They also said that 3 per cent of the fuel in three of the reactors at the Fukushima plant had been severely damaged, suggesting those reactor cores have partially melted down.”


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