Monday, March 21, 2011

Nuclear food contamination an issue

Just when you thought things were starting to get under control!

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WHO: 'Serious' food radiation risks in Japan

TOKYO — The World Health Organization said on Monday that radiation in food after an earthquake damaged a Japanese nuclear plant was a “serious situation,” eclipsing clear signs of progress in a battle to avert a catastrophic meltdown in the reactors.

Engineers managed to rig power cables to all six reactors at the Fukushima complex, 240 kilometres north of Tokyo, and started a water pump at one of them to reverse the overheating that has triggered the world’s worst nuclear crisis in 25 years.

The March 11 earthquake and tsunami left more than 21,000 people dead or missing and will cost an already beleaguered economy some $250 billion, but Prime Minister Naoto Kan said the situation at the nuclear plant was slowly improving.

Overshadowing the good news from the facility, however, was mounting concern that radioactive particles already released into the atmosphere have contaminated food and water supplies.


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