Monday, March 21, 2011

SM in crises?

How people use social media. Some good stats.

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Social crisis response

Integrating social networks into the incident command system

From the February 2011 Issue

By Christa Miller

   What do more than 600 million Facebook users, 145 million Twitter users, and 488 million YouTube users mean for the incident command system? Plenty. An August 2009 survey of 1,058 adults, commissioned by the Red Cross, suggested that more people turn to social media even before 911. Asked what they'd do if they knew of someone else who needed help:

  • 44 percent would ask other people in their online social network to contact authorities.
  • 35 percent would post a direct request for help on a response agency's Facebook page.
  • 28 percent would send a direct Twitter message to responders.
  • 69 percent said that emergency responders should monitor social media sites in order to send help quickly.
  • 50 percent believe agencies are already responding to social calls for assistance.
  • 74 percent expected help to come less than an hour after their tweet or Facebook post.

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