Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The tomb of king nuke?

A nuclear coffin at Fukushima. What monsters are going to come out of it in the coming years?

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Japan Weighs Entombing Nuclear Plant in Bid to Halt Radiation

Japan will consider pouring
concrete into its crippled Fukushima atomic plant to reduce
radiation and contain the worst nuclear disaster in 25 years.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano yesterday ruled out the
possibility that the two undamaged reactors at Tokyo Electric
Power Co.’s six-unit Dai-Ichi plant would be salvaged. Units 1
through 4 suffered from explosions, presumed meltdowns and
corrosion from seawater sprayed on radioactive fuel rods after a
March 11 earthquake and tsunami cut power to reactor cooling

Workers have averted the threat of a total meltdown by
injecting water into the damaged reactors for the past two
weeks. The complex’s six units are connected with the power grid
and two are using temporary motor-driven pumps. Work to repair
the plant’s monitoring and cooling systems has been hampered by
discoveries of hazardous radioactive water.

The risk to workers might be greater than previously
thought because melted fuel in the No. 1 reactor building may be
causing isolated, uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions, Denis
Flory, nuclear safety director for the International Atomic
Energy Agency
, said at a press conference in Vienna.


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