Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#18 on the list. If content is king, then the diva is queen!

I'm a blogger ... that's what I like to do: share my observations. So, to me, providing well thought out content is crucial to success and relevance. There are few more relevant blogs out there on emergency management than the one written by Claire Rubin, "the Recovery Diva".

The Diva focuses on an often neglected facet of emergency management. Since most of it is long-term, recovery is not as sexy as disaster response or preparedness even. There are no zombies in the recovery promotion biz ...

What Claire offers though, is a critical take on the need for partnerships, whole-of-community approach and leadership in the recovery process. Whether lauding the role of the private sector in spurring efforts and working with governments, or highlighting lessons learned, content always prevails.

For that reason, the Recovery Diva blog is #18 on my list of top 25 SMEM destinations.

The list so far:

#18: the Recovery Diva

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