Monday, December 19, 2011

Essential reading for emergency managers: EM Mag at #8

My choice for the 8th spot on my list of top 25 smem destinations is a bit unlike my previous selections. The online Emergency Management Magazine is not purely an SMEM entity. However, the growing role of SM in EM is prominently featured on the site.

What makes the magazine particularly interesting to me is the great roster of bloggers in its pages. Whether looking at mobile technologies and social networks as part of the alerting/notification array of tools (Rick Wimberley and Lorin Bristow), or looking at the impact of mobile tech and social networks on crisis communications (Gerald Baron), the bloggers always have something relevant to contribute.

In addition, well-respected Eric Holdeman holds forth on many topics related to disaster management: from leadership, to the impact of new technologies. He's never afraid to express an opinion. 

Finally, the latest addition to this impressive group of writers is Adam Crowe who now specifically comments on the applications of SM in EM.

For the many conversations spurred by these contributors, and for offering the latest news on current EM trends and technologies, Emergency Management Magazine is eighth on my list of the top 25 SMEM destinations. 

The list so far:
#8: Emergency Management Magazine
#9: Chief Bill Boyd's blog: It's not my emergency! 
#10: SM4EM. org and Cheryl Bledsoe
#11: Jeff Phillips, Los Ranchos EM

#12: Sgt Tim Burrows, Constable Scott Mills and the Toronto Police Service 
#13: the weekly #smemchat
#14: 999 Social Media 
#15: Brian Humphrey ... a true pionneer 
#16: ushahidi ... witnessing change and progress in SMEM

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