Friday, December 2, 2011

Next SMEM destinations ...things are buzzing !

Well ... the 25 days of the SMEM Christmas are progressing ... We're now at number 23 and there's a buzz in the air.

In the same manner as choice #24 married social media, web and all sorts of things, the people behind the collaboration are making the most of an integrated strategy to promote preparedness. I hope that they continue their good work on Twitter and Facebook to push their messages.

What separates them from many other sites is the "fun approach" they have adopted to help expand their reach. So, for the easy take on a serious manner and for the way they promote the site using social media, they rank 23rd.

Looking forward to your comments !

Number 24: the CDC Zombie Apocalypse (Dec. 1)
Number 25: Hal Grieb (November 30)
Series introduction (November 29)

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