Monday, December 5, 2011

#20 on the list : law and order in on social media

The next entry on the top list of SMEM destinations is the SMILE Conference/Connected Cops nexus. Led by the inimitable Lauri Stevens, the SMILE (social media, the internet and law enforcement) Conference has become a key event to expand the use of social networks among the world's police services.

With the site continuing to provide high-quality content through blog posts and contributions from around the world on the use of social media in policing, both the conferences and the web property are now essential professional development tools for any police officer needing to get into the age of social convergence.

There are direct links to the world of emergency management as this recent post indicates. For these reasons, and the SMILE Conference website jointly occupy the 20th spot on my list of top smem destinations.

The list so far:
#21: the American Red Cross web and social media properties
#22: Humanity Road
#24: The CDC and zombies
#25: Hal Grieb ... a pioneer
Series introduction

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