Friday, December 16, 2011

the mother of SMEM ? in the 10th spot: SM4EM and Cheryl Bledsoe

If my choice (Jeff Phillips aka LosRanchosEM)  for the 11th spot on my list of top 25 smem destinations can be called the "daddy" of the SMEM movement ... then my choice for number 10 can be called (I hope she forgives me!) the "momma".

Cheryl Bledsoe (@CherylBle) has done more than almost anyone else to embody the progress, and potential of, the integration of social media into emergency management programs. She's played a big part in making the Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) a recognized leader among municipal agencies that spearhead the adoption of social media. For more on that, see this post by Kim Stephens on CRESA, as part of her own top smem listing.

Whether through her twitter account and her participation in #smemchat or through her site, a true reference, Cheryl helps guide the amorphous smem family through its growing phase. Her tireless efforts to promote the use of emerging technologies to emergency managers is making a difference in many areas. In her "free time" she organizes community events such as the #140 conferences:

For making SM4EM. org a true reference and tweeting so effectively, Cheryl Bledsoe ranks 10th on my list ... and frankly, as with Jeff Phillips, the SMEM movement could not have better parents ...

The list so far:
#10: SM4EM. org and Cheryl Bledsoe
#11: Jeff Phillips, Los Ranchos EM

#12: Sgt Tim Burrows, Constable Scott Mills and the Toronto Police Service 
#13: the weekly #smemchat
#14: 999 Social Media 
#15: Brian Humphrey ... a true pionneer 
#16: ushahidi ... witnessing change and progress in SMEM

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