Thursday, December 8, 2011

number 17 on the SMEM list: a revolution in disaster and humanitarian response

Few people have had a bigger role in shaping the future of evidence-based humanitarian and disaster relief as the man behind the website/blog which sits at #17 on my list of top 25 SMEM destinations.

Patrick Meier, scholar, crisis mappers and humanist, is making history. Through his engagement with Ushahidi (more to come on that topic later in our series), he's helping blaze a trail of innovation, participation and crowdsourcing that's making a difference around the world. 

When Patrick blogs on people listen, particularly when he raises issues such as data validation on social media for crisis mapping and crowdsourcing, or helping with the monitoring of flawed elections in Russia, his blogposts become authoritative statements.

For most, that would be more than enough, but Patrick Meier is also co-founder of the International Network of Crisis Mappers (Crisis Mappers Net) and the Standby Task Force, two of the most important organizations/networks in crisis mapping and crowdsourcing. To give you an idea of where this all leads, consult some crisis mapping highlights.

For his ideas and for setting new horizons in the use of social media in disasters, Patrick Meier's is #17 on my list. 

Watch and learn what motivates him.

The list so far:

#17: the website and blog by Patrick Meier

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