Thursday, December 22, 2011

at #4: an online development tool for Canadian EM and BCP

My good friend Kim Stephens , beat me to the punch on my choice for fourth place on my list of top 25 smem destinations. Partnerships Toward Safer Communities Online or PTSC-Online is a Canadian site dedicated to the continuous improvement of Canadian emergency management, business continuity and critical infrastructure protection programs. 

The site provides tools for on line information sharing and collaboration. These tools include blogs, online training, forums and a repository of BPC and EM information. Sponsored by the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, PTSC-Online has a clear focus on emerging technologies and social media.

Under the able leadership of William McKay, the site continues to make valuable contributions to emergency management and BCP practices in Canada. In fact, its readership is from all over the world, which is a pretty good indication of the quality of the information that can be found on the site.

My colleague Barry Radford and I developed a project integrating social media into a crisis communications planning template. A compendium  of our efforts can also be found on the site. Barry and I continue to contribute to the blog section of PTSC-Online. 

Bill Mackay has done a fantastic job promoting the site on his company's twitter account and using the PTSC-Online account, highlighting valuable contributions. Because of Bill's interest in promoting the use of social media and innovative technologies in BCP and EM programs, PTSC-Online stands at #4 on my list of top 25 social media in emergency management destinations.

The list so far:
#4: PTSC-Online#5: Linkedin Groups ... groups on EM and SM on LinkedIn
#6: Craig Fugate and FEMA
#7: the SocialMedia Examiner website
#8: Emergency Management Magazine
#9: Chief Bill Boyd's blog: It's not my emergency! 
#10: SM4EM. org and Cheryl Bledsoe
#11: Jeff Phillips, Los Ranchos EM

#12: Sgt Tim Burrows, Constable Scott Mills and the Toronto Police Service 
#13: the weekly #smemchat
#14: 999 Social Media 
#15: Brian Humphrey ... a true pionneer 
#16: ushahidi ... witnessing change and progress in SMEM


  1. I totally agree with your selection of Bill MacKay's PTSC-Online for recognition in you top 25 list of EM websites.

    Partnerships Towards Safer Communities provides a significant platform for EM organizations to share relevant information with their respective communities, with the encouragement of Bill and his personal dedication to make your efforts work to the benefit of the broader Canadian EM audience.

  2. Thank you Patrice for recognizing Partnerships Toward Safer Communities Online for its efforts to network Canadian emergency managers and business continuity professionals and for our focus on social media and technology. Thanks also to Barry for his vote of confidence. I believe in on line networking and in time I think it will start to become even more emergency managers see its value and start to use it.

    Thank you for your contributions on social media as it relates to emergency management to our crisis and emergency communications blog. Our community would not have grown as it has without your and barry's contributions.