Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#19 on the SMEM list .... knowing where help is needed

As I progress down to the very top of the list of most important (to me anyways !) social media in emergency management destinations on the web, I realize that my list is very varied. In a way, that reflects my desire not to get pigeonholed.

One of my field of interests is crowdsourcing and crisis mapping. The very basic of that is having good data and a solid starting base. That's why ESRI's Public Safety Blog and the Disaster Relief Blog together rank at #19 on my list. ESRI's collaboration with Volunteer Technical Communities has been extraordinary.

While expanding its line of business, the company has not forgotten the concept of "giving back". Their contribution to disaster relief has made a difference by helping groups and agencies provide solid data. The blog is full of useful tips and info. The resulting efforts by volunteers and officials from around the world helps provide essential situational awareness as was the case during hurricanes for example.

If crisis mapping is the most dynamic visualisation of SMEM inputs by agencies and citizens ... then good GIS support is the canvas that makes this happen ... For showing emergency managers what the future may hold as a result of the marriage of GIS technology, imagery and social media ... ESRI's key properties rank 19th on my list

The list so far:

#20: SMILE Conference/Connected Cops
#21: The American Red Cross
#22: Humanity Road
#23: 2BeeReady.org 
#24: the CDC and the Zombie apocalypse
#25: Hal Grieb
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